Agile Technology Group

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Ideas Incubator (the ideas we think we want to look at in the future)

Utilising Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in the classroom

Digital Sandpit – PD, Creation and Ideation of modern Technologies.

Meeting organisers – making meetings purposeful.

Parent Teacher Interviews – a 360 degree look at how we accomplish this through modern tools and thinking.

Continual/Continuous Reporting.

How to effectively build Hologram’s using technology

Managing and creating expectations in the use of Social Media and Mobile Devices inside and outside the classroom.

Continual Improvement through growth in Capability and Capacity

Ensure the smooth delivery of services using modern agile solutions to benefit all key stakeholders within the College.
Define goals for the type and standard of experience our Students should have in the Digital environment.
Create professional learning opportunities for all staff to ensure ongoing capability and engagement to make the best use of the solutions available.
Implement evaluation and continuous improvement plan through the use of measurement instruments to identify success factors.

Ongoing Projects committed to:

Data Dashboards through use of existing data metrics for better student profiling.

ClassVR – Virtual Reality supporting learning within the classroom.

Parent Teacher Interviews – a 360 degree look at how we accomplish this through modern tools and thinking.

Electronic Forms for PD/Leave/Overtime through EdSmart.

Microsoft Teams Workspace integration

Atlas Curriculum Mapping

Successfully Delivered Projects

ClassVR in the classroom – Virtual Reality to deliver curriculum in a visual spectrum

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Dr Eng Lim Goh

PANDA Metrics (Version 1)

Introduction of Teams in small working groups

EdSmart online forms delivery

Delivery of streamed lectures using Streaming Technology

Positive Relationships and Productive Partnerships to remain Inclusive.

The ATG will initially consist of Director of Learning and Director of IT. Whilst this may be expanded in the future to include additional e-Learning personnel, given each project is distinct and requires a dedicated & targeted skillset, there will be a number of Key Project Partners to ensure the best chance of project success.

We are open to all ideas.

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